Elon Musk Wants To Punish Volskwagen By Making It Compete With Elon Musk

Another lesson from the Elon Musk "WHAT YOU LOOKING AT?!?!" School of Business Management

Volkswagen is still dealing with the fallout from telling all those fibs about emission testing on its diesel engine cars. While regulators in Europe and Asia have been talking big huge numbers for the fines the German automaker will have to pay, U.S. agencies like the EPA have looked a little wishy-washy with what exactly it will do about the whole affair.

But according to VICE, a few Silicon Valley energy types have written an open letter to California regulators suggesting a punishment of their own design.

A group of green tech investors is urging California regulators to hand down a kind of alternative sentence for auto giant Volkswagen over its effort to dodge pollution controls: Make it build more electric cars.
Rather than devote huge amounts of time and money to fixing the diesel-powered cars implicated in the emissions scandal, the state should require VW "to accelerate greatly its rollout of zero emission vehicles," the financiers wrote in an open letter to the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Not only that, the German automaker should have to produce enough electric cars to reduce tenfold the amount of pollution released by the diesels, they wrote — and it should have to build as many of those cars and batteries in California as possible.

Forcing a massive carmaker to build EVs in California? While that is something straight out of a environmentalist revenge porn film script, it also seems unfair to anyone already building them in the state.

For instance, what's Tesla (TSLA) CEO and Bond villain come-to-life Elon Musk going to say about this idea?

In addition to the chiefs of numerous investment funds that are backing low-carbon technologies, the signers of Yadiagaroglu's open letter include Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and electric automaker Tesla

That? That right there is some real-deal Elon Musk sh!t, you guys. The good stuff!

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