"Everyone At UBS Rigs Libor" Essentially Tom Hayes' Lawyer's Argument For Appeal

And yet the inventor of rate-rigging sits pretty.

How can a judge in good conscience uphold the former UBS (NYSE: UBS) trader's fourteen year sentence when employees of the bank are known for rigging any chance they get, not only at their desks but also in a boat, with a goat, in the rain, on a train, in a box, with a fox, here and there, everywhere? Both before and after Hayes' tenure? Meanwhile the godfather of Libor manipulation, whoever the hell that may be, gets a free pass?!

A lawyer for Tom Hayes questioned the 14-year prison sentence issued to the former UBS Group AG trader, saying the trial judge didn’t give enough weight to the fact that Libor rigging started before Hayes got to the bank and it continued after he moved on. Neil Hawes asked a London court to cut the sentence, one of the longest ever given to a non-violent criminal in the U.K. Hawes also said that Hayes should be given special consideration because he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. "The judge should have considered Hayes’s responsibility within the bank," Hawes said Wednesday. "He didn’t invent" Libor-rigging.

Hayes ‘Didn't Invent’ Libor Rigging, Lawyer Says in Appeal Fight [Bloomberg]