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Prison Watch '15: Ex-Morgan Stanley Exec Helped Himself To Client Info Avoids Big House

Galen Marsh is feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.
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Now he just needs to find the naughty thieves who stole the stolen data from him and he can put this whole sordid affair to bed.

A former Morgan Stanley financial adviser was sentenced to three years of probation for tapping illegally into the Wall Street firm’s computer system and taking client information home with him, his lawyer said Tuesday. Galen Marsh was fired from his job in January for viewing and copying account information on other advisers’ clients, and in September pleaded guilty to one felony count of exceeding authorized access to a computer...Morgan Stanley suspected that Russian hackers stole client data from Mr. Marsh after the former broker took it home. Mr. Marsh maintained that he wasn’t responsible for some of the client data appearing online on a text-sharing website, and that he didn’t offer to sell the information.

Former Morgan Stanley Broker Galen Marsh Gets Probation for Illegal Tapping [WSJ]

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Ex-Morgan Stanley Broker Really Did Just Steal Client Information

So, uh...can we consider this one water under the bridge?

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