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Ex-Stripper Who Drugged/Screwed/Stole From Finance Guys Pretty Confident She Could Get A Gig On Wall Street

If you know anyone who's hiring.
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Over at New York today you will find the insane story of two entrepreneurial ex-strippers named Roselyn Keo (AKA Rosie) and Samantha Foxx (née Barbash), who, after growing tired of the exotic dancing game, decided there was a lot more money to be made in targeting various men to come to Scores, drugging them, procuring their social security numbers, pairing them off with prostitutes, and then running their credit cards into the 6-figures. (When they came to and subsequently saw the charges on their statements, the guys were predictably miffed but beyond complaining, most of them ended up doing nothing, as the embarrassment of the situation (and the spouses they'd have to tell) outweighed the financial hit.) Business was booming for a while, but the ladies started getting greedy, shortcuts were taken, and a few of the targets ended up going to the police.

Now, Foxx is awaiting sentencing and Keo goes to trial in February, having been charged with an array of crimes. Both are holding out hope they'll avoid jail time, but how will they support themselves now that the drugging/screwing/scamming con has run out? Foxx's job prospects are unclear but Keo, who views herself as the brains of the operation, thinks she's more than a little qualified to work on Wall Street. If anyone reading this does the hiring for his/her firm, and is willing to overlook certain red flags, consider:

Her early entrepreneurial spirit, and similarities to John Paulson:

As a kid, she said, she used to buy candy in bulk and sell it at school for a profit, which I later remembered is the same story hedge-fund billionaire John Paulson tells about himself. But John Paulson was born into his body and Roselyn Keo was born into hers, which happens to be a rather more overtly sexy shape, with the sort of waist-to-hip ratio scientists have concluded affects men like a drug.

Her attention to detail:

Rosie, with her legendary organizational skills, streamlined the operation. She drew up a schedule and kept notes on each client, with their personal details and how much had been charged to each of their cards. “I treated it like a real business,” she told me.

Her delegation skills:

The nights fell into a pattern. At some point, the guys would want sex. Marsi and Karina would only go so far, and prostitution was what Rosie and Samantha had joined the business to avoid. “I have my dignity,” Samantha told me...So they decided to outsource to prostitutes they found from Backpage and Craigslist.

Her ability to do math in her head:

...while they took care of their business, she took care of hers. “I was on the phone with American Express half the time verifying his last four digits of Social, his mother’s maiden name, his last purchases, and their name, and their location, and how much was being charged,” she said. Getting this kind of information from a guy high off his face with a prostitute draped over his legs wasn’t very difficult. “I did it right in front of them,” she said. “I would ask them really quickly, ‘What’s your mother’s maiden name? What’s your Social Security number?’ ” At the end of the night, she calculated the breakdown. “I could do all the math in my head. Like, if you told me the bill was $40,000, I knew exactly what cut went to what.”

Her newfound interest in becoming an equities trader.

Rosie’s court date is scheduled for February. Throughout the ordeal, she has appeared mostly upbeat about the idea of sharing her story; she told me she was thinking of becoming a motivational speaker like Jordan Belfort, the banker made famous by The Wolf of Wall Street...and [she 's] learning how to trade stocks.

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