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Fill Martin Shkreli’s Stocking With One Daraprim’s Worth Of $1 Generic Daraprim

What do you get for the jerk who has everything?
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Feel free to festively decorate them!

That would be 750 of them, always and forever, in case you had forgotten.

And if there’s some extra room, throw in a couple of emo records to help Martin deal with the pain.

The nation’s largest prescription drug manager plans to back an alternative that costs only $1 per pill.

The prescription drug manager, Express Scripts, was expected to announce on Tuesday that it will promote use of a compounded medicine that contains the same active ingredient as the Turing drug, Daraprim….

“From our perspective, it’s a tremendous endorsement of the business model” of offering alternatives to high-priced drugs, said Mark L. Baum, chief executive of Imprimis.

Top Prescription Plan to Offer $1 Alternative to $750 Pill [NYT]


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