Commodities Hedge Fund Says Commodities Safe For Hedge Funds Again Now That All The Hedge Funds Have Left

Now that those Alpha nerds are gone, let's move some silver!

We'll take'em!

Now that all of the idiots have lost their shirts and fled from the commodities markets with their tails between their legs, those who actually know the difference between something shiny and something valuable can make some money again. And so Orion Mine Finance Group is ready to start buying shiny things again.

"For a long time, metals were driven by financial flows, be it mining-orientated banks, commodity hedge funds, CTAs and even retail equity investors," Lewnowski said in an interview in London. "With those guys out, we are back to fundamentals. And that’s an environment in which we can do well…."

"A number of funds including ourselves are equally adept in interpreting macro events. We have an understanding of momentum because we trade. We understand fundamentals because we are in the physical business."

Here’s a Hedge Fund Getting in Commodities, Rather Than Out [Bloomberg]