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JP Morgan Department Of (Allegedly!) Smearing Employees As Retaliation For Whistleblowing Needs Retraining

Don't ask JP Morgan for an explanation why it wrote complaints about an ex-employee and put clients signatures on the bottom.

We've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: when a large global bank--for example, JP Morgan Chase (NYSE: JPM)-- has a division whose main purpose is to (allegedly!) smear former employees as an attempt to retaliate and/or discredit said former employee, to both embarrass and cast doubt on his or her word, it is of the utmost importance that the department be staffed with the best of the best. People who have buyable responses at the ready explaining things like this:

Johnny Burris complained in 2013 that JPMorgan was pressuring brokers like him to sell the bank’s own mutual funds even when the offerings from competitors were more suitable. A few weeks after an article in The New York Times about Mr. Burris’s concerns appeared, complaints from some of his former clients in Arizona began showing up on his disciplinary records that are maintained by a regulatory agency and publicly available. The client complaints made it hard for Mr. Burris to get another job and helped scuttle his case against JPMorgan for wrongful termination. But when Mr. Burris recently reached two of the clients whose names had been on the complaints, they told him they had not, in fact, written the complaints — a JPMorgan employee had.

...and not amateur hour stuff like this:

... a spokeswoman for JPMorgan, Patricia Wexler, said that one of Mr. Burris’s former colleagues, Laya Gavin, had, in fact, assisted the clients as a courtesy “by typing up what they told her verbally, reading it back to them for accuracy, and submitting them for review.” Both clients involved disputed that description of the events and said that the complaints Ms. Gavin wrote up did not reflect their sentiments and added that Ms. Gavin had not read the complaints to them before having them sign the documents.

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