Of Course Ken Griffin Knew ‘Star Wars’ Would Rake In A Half-Billion Dollars Over The Weekend

Kenny's been using the force... and logic.

Didn't even need all of the stuff behind him to know that 'Mortdecai' was going to be a disaster.

He has a whole team in San Francisco working on a peerless model for Hollywood success.

We perform a lot of proprietary research and data analysis. For example, we survey thousands of gamers every year to understand consumer trends, test hypotheses and gauge purchase intent….

There is fairly consistent demand for Star Wars related toys over time, even outside big movie years.

But even with such a finely-honed systems, some things still don’t make sense. Like the success of YA-novel based movies about children hunting other children.

Before Hunger Games we didn't know it would turn out four blockbusters. This industry is just as much art as science.

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