Bonus Watch '15: London Bankers Threatening To Pack Up Their Things And Leave

Unless certain bonus expectations are met.

You see that stress ball? The chewed up pen? The crumbled up Seamless receipts? The random assortment of USB chargers? All of it, gone! Packed up in a box or small Ziplock bag, its contents' owner off to bigger and better things or maybe just more of the same or maybe just the pub.

A growing number of City bankers are telling their managers they will quit if their pay expectations are not met, in a sign of renewed confidence among staff at top investment banks. More than 60 per cent of City workers plan to resign if they are not happy with their year-end package, according to Astbury Marsden, a recruitment firm...Bonuses are expected to be sharply down in some areas, particularly fixed income, currencies and commodities trading, after profits were crushed by tougher regulation and emerging markets woes. Some institutions, most notably Deutsche Bank, have also made it clear bonuses will fall as part of cost-cutting programmes across the group.

City bankers ready to walk if bonus disappoints, survey finds [FT]