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Marissa Mayer Probably Should Have Seen The Irony In Her $7 Million "Great Gatsby"-Themed Yahoo Holiday Party

Marissa has reached the "Let them eat cake" stage of her fall from power.

If you're a CEO whose company's stock is behaving like a skydiver with a broken parachute while analysts are fantasizing about your possible replacements and shareholders are writing novellas about how terrible you are, it would probably be best to just lie low and look serious.

Unless you're Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer, of course. Because in her case you apparently do this:

The Yahoo! chief executive presided over a company “Great Gatsby” theme party this month on San Francisco’s Pier 48, the reported $7 million cost of which struck investors in the Internet also-ran as being tone-deaf to excess.

$7 million? That seems extreme, even for a woman who once spent more than $1 billion on a blogging platform that is now worth approximately nothing.

And, to be fair, the media's been a little hard on Double M lately. Her tiny errors tend to get a little blown out of proportion, and this was a private event so how can we really know for sure how decadent it was?

Oh, VICE got someone into the party and they wrote about it?... What did they see?

I proceeded down a long, wide, mostly empty, black-lit corridor decorated with crystal chandeliers and massive white urns spouting what looked like giant ostrich feathers.
When I reached the actual party, the first thing I saw was CEO Marissa Mayer herself behind a series of velvet ropes, dressed in a long sequined gown and seated on a pure white arm chair. Attendees could sit next to her on an adjacent couch and pose for a photo. She was very pregnant and ended up giving birth to twins less than a week later.

Okay, that doesn't look too good considering that Yahoo is being forced to shop its core business after screwing up every other conceivable way of maintaining a semblance of shareholder value... But then again, it's hardly the stuff of Marie Antoinette.

After all, it is the holidays!

The rest of the cavernous room was filled with even more chandeliers and urns and a vintage Rolls Royce. Swinging flapper aerialists pouring champagne towers and Gatsby-esque costumed actors walking around like vintage cigarette girls (but peddling only candy) were everywhere.
Buffet stations were set up throughout the party. Each had a different offering. There were mini bread bowls with clam chowder, dim sum buns and dumplings, kale salads, Indian curries. Whatever the heart desired. All the booze was top shelf and no variety was left out. A burlesque troupe warmed up the crowd.

Really, Marissa? "Champagne aerialists?" Really?

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