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Marissa Mayer's Week Is Shaping Up To Be Pretty Sh!tty

Yahoo's CEO is having a helluva Humpday.

While it's been awhile since Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer had an actual good week, it's hard to argue that she's having an exceptionally terrible one at the moment.

At its most simplistic, Double M is facing a future in which she is either fired from her gig or goes down in history as Yahoo's last CEO. To make it even worse, everyone seems to be relishing watching her squirm.

There was a note-cum-trolling exercise from SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Robert Peck speculating on who should replace Mayer. Peck even threw out 10 names with bios and everything.

Peck's list will not make Mayer happy.

  • Ross Levinsohn—served as interim CEO of Yahoo before Mayer, former CEO of Guggenheim Digital Media, former president of Fox Interactive Media
  • Dan Rosensweig—president and CEO of Chegg and former chief operating officer at Yahoo
  • Sheryl Sandberg—chief operating officer of Facebook (though Peck said she was unlikely to leave the social network)
  • Jim Lanzone—president and CEO of CBS Interactive
  • David Rosenblatt—CEO of, former CEO of DoubleClick, former president of display advertising at Google
  • Margo Georgiadis—former COO at Groupon, former vice president of global sales operations at Google
  • Susan Wojcicki—CEO of YouTube
  • Beth Comstock—vice chair of GE
  • Linda Yaccarino—chairwoman of advertising sales and client partnerships at NBCUniversal
  • Jason Kilar—Vessel CEO, former CEO of Hulu

The WSJ ratcheted up the intensity of Mayer doom last night:

Yahoo Inc.’s board is planning a series of meetings this week to consider selling off the company’s flagging Internet businesses and how to make the most of its valuable stake in Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
The board is expected to discuss its options in sessions beginning Wednesday and continuing through Friday, according to people familiar with the plans.
Directors are likely to discuss whether to proceed with a plan to spin off its investment in Alibaba, currently worth more than $30 billion, find a buyer for Yahoo’s gaggle of Web properties, or both, the people said.

With Sheryl Sandberg's name hanging (albeit limply) above her head, Mayer is apparently going to listen to her board debate whether or not she should be running things like her company's core business.

Happy Humpday, Marissa.

Yahoo Board to Weigh Sale of Internet Business [WSJ]


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