Staying True To Form, Russia Will Not Retreat From The IMF

Let’s hope Christine Lagarde doesn’t need ALL of her office.

This desk is mine now, yes?

Good news: Russia will not be throwing a temper-tantrum and quitting the International Monetary Fund.

Even thought the IMF more or less gave Ukraine the green light to give Vladimir Putin the finger, Russia is hanging in there. Sure, they may occupy a couple of floors and do some light encouraging elsewhere at IMF HQ.

But rest assured: They’ll be there, and they’re not. going. anywhere.

"We are one of the Fund's key members. Despite the difficult situation that has happened, we don't consider it necessary to leave the Fund," Siluanov said….

"We are concerned that changing this (the IMF) policy in the context of Ukraine's politically charged restructuring may raise questions as to the impartiality of an institution that plays a critical role in addressing international financial instability," Siluanov wrote.

Russia will not leave IMF after debt rule change, minister says [Reuters]