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Starwood Says 'Sorry We Didn't Violate Securities Laws So You Could Feel Special' With Cake

A lot of top members are struggling to cope with the Marriott merger news but Starwood is thinking carbs my help.
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Some frequent customers of Starwood, which owns brands like Westin and W, are quite unhappy about the merger...What was strange was the emotional terms in which Starwood customers characterized their concerns: “I’m livid,” and “This merger is frightening.” One customer told me he was disappointed he didn’t get a personal heads-up about the merger, instead of having to read about it in the news...After my first article ran, Starwood even sent one of the customers I quoted his favorite kind of cake (chocolate-raspberry mousse), with “We still care” written across the top. [The Upshot]


Deutsche Bank Is Sorry It Violated U.S. Sanctions Laws 27,000 Times

Although, DB would like to just point out that it hasn't even talked to Iran, Libya, Syria etc. in, like, years.

Barclays Is 'Truly Sorry' It Got Caught Manipulating Libor Though Not Sorry Enough To Make Amends In Person

An ad in the paper will have to suffice. Barclays has made a public apology to customers and clients, saying they have “been let down” by the bank. “We are truly sorry for what has happened,” Barclays said in a advertisement published in several British newspaper today, including the Financial Times, the London-based Times and the Guardian. “You are the lifeblood of our business, and we will not allow ourselves to be distracted from what really matters -- delivering for you, day in and day out,” the statement, signed by Chairman Marcus Agius, says. “I also thank you for your business. It is our responsibility to earn the right to retain it.” Barclays Says ‘Truly Sorry’ For Letting Down Customers, Clients [Bloomberg] Barclays Makes Public Apology [HIC]