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Megalomania, Terrifying Outbursts, Demands To Manipulate Libor Aside, Tom Hayes Was A Crackerjack Trader: Guy

A broker who worked with the ex-UBS employee cannot deny his talent.
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This endorsement will come in handy when and if Hayes successfully appeals his decade-and-change sentence and gets back in the biz.

Danny Wilkinson, one of six brokers on trial on charges they helped Hayes rig the benchmark interest rate, said on his first day of testimony that Hayes was a “megalomaniac” who “screamed profanities.” Wilkinson said brokers learned to at least pretend to agree to the requests of the successful trader. “It would get him off your back,” the 49-year-old Wilkinson said Thursday. “Everyone in the market treated Tom that way.” [...] Hayes was convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud in August and sentenced to 14 years in prison. While brokers were leery of Hayes, Wilkinson said that the former banker “was the best trader I’ve ever seen.” “I never came across anybody who could make as much money as Tom,” Wilkinson said. “Hayes was almost like ‘the Matrix.’ He made hundreds of millions of pounds for UBS (NYSE: UBS).”

At least some of it via the illegal tactics everyone here is on trial for but, millions of pounds nevertheless!

Brokers Working for Hayes Would Say One Thing, Do Another [Bloomberg]

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