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Barry Diller Values Yahoo At Somewhere Between $0 And "Don't Waste My Time"

It doesn't look like Barry is coming to save Marissa after all...

Remember when we posited that Barry Diller might be the hero that Marissa Mayer was looking for?

Well...our bad.

IAC/InterActiveCorp Chairman Barry Diller said his company would probably not buy Yahoo! Inc.
Yahoo “is just not worth a candle unless, essentially, you got it at such a discounted price,” Diller said in an interview on “Bloomberg Go.” The Web pioneer could also “stand alone” because it has about 1 billion monthly active users. “If you can’t make it through that, something is wrong,” he said.

The discounted price that Diller might be looking for, according to Bloomberg, might be in the range of zero dollars.

Yahoo’s main business -- excluding the stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan Corp. -- could be worth zero or less, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

But Diller wasn't satisfied to just ruin Marissa's day by using a 16th Century idiom to piss all over what's left of her company, he also felt compelled to stick with his rhetorical history lesson and use an analogy in which Yahoo is a sh!t-covered peasant toiling in the fields of its competitor.

“All of us are serfs on the land of Google,” Diller said. “I told Google, it’s sensible to treat your serfs well. If you don’t, they rise up, get on horses and kill you.”

Time to find a horse, Marissa.

Barry Diller Says IAC Won't Buy Yahoo, But It Could Stand Alone [Bloomberg]



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