Bernie Sanders Not Sure That Steve Schwarzman Understands How The Stock Market Works

We're starting to think that Bernie might not be a Blackstone investor.

While being interviewed in Davos last week, Blackstone CEO (and presumptive Trump voter) Steve Schwarzman gave a broad view of the shaky world economy and offered a couple of reasons why he thinks things are so scary out there.

Number three was something of a doozy:

"The third reason we have really unsettled markets is the fact that Bernie Sanders has become a viable candidate, at least in Iowa and New Hampshire…And the reason that's troubling is that he is really on the far left."

Steve Schwarzman said out loud that he thinks Bernie Sanders is scaring the markets with his pinko popularity.

But is the global market really "Feeling the Bern?" Steve Schwarzman is a guy who knows what he's talking about after all, and Bernie would love to put this in a campaign ad that isn't a visual example of aged hippie foreplay, right?

So what did Bernie think about Steve's trenchant market analysis? Well, here's what he told ABC's "This Week:"

"The reason that I am laughing is I fully admit to having a big ego, like many other politicians. But the idea that Bernie Sanders' candidacy, because it has growing support all over this country, is unsettling world markets is absolutely absurd."

We're starting to think that Bernie might not be a Blackstone investor.

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