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Bonus Watch '16: London Bankers Predict They Should Get Jobs In Private Equity

If yearly take-home factors into their job satisfaction.
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No offense, investment banks.

Investment bankers in London’s financial center expect an average bonus of 24,461 pounds ($36,000) this year, about a quarter of the compensation predicted by employees at private-equity firms, according to a recruitment company. Private-equity employees had the highest expectations, predicting an average bonus of 104,125 pounds, or about 71 percent of their salary, according to the survey of more than 1,000 City of London staff conducted by Astbury Marsden...At Deutsche Bank AG, co-Chief Executive Officer John Cryan has said that bankers still earn too much money. “The problem is that even those lower expectations are above what banks want to pay them,” Adam Jackson, managing director at Astbury Marsden, said in the statement published on Monday. “Investment banks could risk an outflow of key personnel if they are tempted away by the comparative largesse of private-equity firms.”

London Bankers Predict 2016 Bonuses at 25% of Private Equity [Bloomberg]


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