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Buy $20 Million Apartment, Get Towels, Coffee Table Books Gratis

It's truly a steal!
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Can you believe this landmark is in the goddamned way?

There is a problem with the super-tall apartment towers slowly blocking the sunlight from Central Park like something out of Mr. Burns’ wildest dreams, but it’s not the one the hippies would have you believe. No. It’s that the panoramic views are available only from the very top of them, because irritatingly other people had the gall to build slightly less-tall buildings in Midtown before the likes of Extell Development got there. Now, Extell has no problem selling those penthouses to the likes of Bill Ackman and facelessLLCs, but the lower down ones? The ones that have the bother of the Essex House partially getting in the way? Those are another matter entirely. And since they can already rule out the small-animal lovers out there, Extell has had to take a page from the guy who once tried to sell me on a condo in Long Island City by throwing in an Xbox: Buy the 45th-floor three bedroom at One57, and they’ll throw in a million-dollar renovation for free.

Ms. Post, who recently designed another unit in the building with a similar layout, installed recessed lighting and Venetian plaster in the apartment and commissioned custom-made furniture. The televisions are already installed and wired, the drapes are in place, and there are soap and towels in the bathrooms. All of the décor is included in the price; the art is available for sale at an additional cost….

He said he plans to try out the same technique with other units in the building in the next few months. “We think this is really going to spur sales,” he said.

To Spur Sales, Extell Development Offers One57 Condo Decorated Down to the Bath Towels [WSJ]


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