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Clients Let Pimco Win One For Christmas

A month without net outflows! It was a Christmas miracle!
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There's something under there for you, PIMCO.

Back in August, the people who own PIMCO said that they had “overcome the Bill Gross effect.” Which effect, in case you had forgotten, was the loss of two-thirds of its flagship bond fund’s assets after the, uh, not entirely mutual and not at all amicable departure of the aforementioned Bill Gross.

This was not, strictly speaking, 100% true at the time, as PIMCO has continued to bleed—if not rectally hemorrhage—assets ever since. That is, until now, albeit with one somewhat key caveat.

The fund attracted net inflows of $1.3 billion during the final month of the year, helped by capital-gains distributions, Pimco said Tuesday. The fund ended the year with $89.9 billion in assets. It isn’t clear whether the fund would have posted net outflows excluding the distribution.

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