CrossFit Promoter Accused Of Fraud Can Finally Workout In Peace Again

The entrepreneur accused of screwing over investors can pull tires around the gym tonight without a care in the world.

Joshua B. Newman, a New York entrepreneur charged last year with defrauding investors in several CrossFit training ventures, has reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors in New Jersey...Last May, federal prosecutors charged Mr. Newman with two counts of wire fraud. Authorities said Mr. Newman, 36, defrauded more than a dozen investors out of at least $2 million in trying to raise money...Mr. Newman, who graduated from Yale University in 2001, positioned himself in recent years as something of a local spokesman for the high-intensity fitness movement known as CrossFit. He was the co-founder of a big, independently owned CrossFit center in Manhattan. But behind the scenes, investors complained about Mr. Newman not paying debts owed to them. [Dealbook]