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David Tepper Working At The Beach Next Week

Forward his calls.
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Enjoy the one to one million inches, suckers.

Unlike his commodious sticking-it-to-Jon-Corzine cottage in the Hamptons, the Appaloosa founder’s Florida apartment apparently doesn’t have enough space for his brass balls and Bloomberg terminal. And with moderately inconvenient precipitation event Jonas bearing down on Short Hills and Sagaponack, he’s made sure he’ll be ready to go on Monday in Miami Beach. (Sorry Palm Beach.)

Appaloosa recently opened a small office on Washington Avenue in the heart of South Beach, the Miami area's flagship vacation destination, according to public securities filings made this month and to people familiar with the situation.

Tepper, 58, a former Goldman Sachs junk bond trader who is worth an estimated $11.6 billion according to Forbes magazine, already owns an apartment in Miami Beach, according to public records. The Miami Beach office will have no permanent employees, according to a person familiar with the situation, and will be used when Tepper and others at the firm are nearby.

Hedge fund billionaire opens shop in Miami Beach [Reuters]



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