Dealbreaker Event: "Town Maul 2016"

The Dealbreaker/Above the Law event that you didn't know you were waiting for!

If you took an informal poll of candidates in both parties during this insane election cycle, we're pretty sure Wall Street's threat level would be somewhere just below "ISIS" and well-above "Climate Change."

A new Glass-Steagall? Making banks pay for everyone's college? Risk taxes on investments? Burning Goldman Sachs to the ground? Taxing "hedge fund guys" into the middle class?

These are things being talked about in a presidential election right now, and they are starting to sound less like "Reasonable policies to curb Wall Street" and more more like a "Cavalcade of populist nonsense."

So come scream about it with us!

We want to invite you out for a night of drinking and yelling that we're hosting alongside our bros at Above the Law.

Put it on your calendars: FEBRUARY 18th at 7PM! The Dealbreaker/Above the Law "Town Maul 2016!"

Come for an open bar and a short panel discussion (featuring special guests!) and then drink and bitch and moan about the vague and irrational threats being thrown at Wall Street by the menagerie of candidates currently in the running.

We'll sound off on Bernie Sanders' rampaging anti-bank socialist agenda, Donald Trump's "hedge fund guys" routine, Ted Cruz's curious relationship with Goldman Sachs and whatever it is that Hillary is up to...

Think of it as a boozy safe space to defend your role in the destruction of America.

And tell your friends!

Dealbreaker and Above the Law present "Town Maul 2016"
When: February 18th, 2016 at 7pm.
Where: Croton Reservoir Tavern, 108 West 40th St. NYC.
How: $10 tickets can be purchased here.

And because our friends at SoFi are generously sponsoring the event and paying for the bar, SoFi members should go here for a special deal.

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Housekeeping: Dealbreaker Is Hiring More Columnists

Do you want to write things on Dealbreaker? We are looking for one or more people to join our current stable of columnists to write stuff on Dealbreaker. Topics could include private equity, hedge funds, b-school, stripping one’s way through b-school, or something that has absolutely nothing to do with any of those things but which you are particularly passionate about. If you’re interested, get in touch and let us know your background and what you’d be interested in writing about. If you are currently gainfully employed on Wall Street (and would like to stay that way) for a firm that would not look favorably on a part-time writing career, anonymous/pseudonymous columns are fine.

Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night: The Sequel

Do you know what you're doing on the evening of Wednesday, February 13th? Spending Valentine's Day Eve with Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night, that's what! The second edition of the DBDRN series will begin at 7:30PM at a bar somewhere in downtown Manhattan and will include new (old) material, plus a few fan favorites. Once again, we'll be keeping this intimate and capping the guest list at ~ 40, so get your tickets here NOW.

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