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Don't Be Taking Me To Strip Clubs With HR And Then Expecting Appropriate/Unoffensive Electronic Communication: Fired Banker

Etienne Alexiou and his fellow fired colleague have a bone to pick with ANZ Bank.
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Etienne Alexiou and Patrick O'Connor are pretty sure their dismissals were totally unfair on account of these totally mixed messages!

In documents lodged with the court, Alexiou alleges a culture in which Global Markets managers used obscene language, joked about drug-use and tolerated drunken antics, including allegedly driving a car onto a golf course during a bank conference. He claims a future manager took him to a Sydney lap dancing bar along with two female human resources employees as the bank prepared to hire him in 2011...O’Connor’s dismissal related to alleged abuse of a company-issued credit card, ANZ said Friday. His and Alexiou’s dismissals were also related to “highly inappropriate and offensive electronic communication,” the bank said in a statement. Alexiou is suing the bank for A$30 million ($21 million) and in his claim says he was exposed to a workplace that condoned behavior inconsistent with the bank’s code of conduct, according to court documents. O’Connor, who worked at the bank for 10 years as a senior fixed-income salesman, claims ANZ created and encouraged a “toxic and unsafe culture.”

ANZ Bank Sued by Two Traders Fired Over Offensive Messages [Bloomberg]


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