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Government Investigation Didn't Stop Steve Cohen From Doing What He Does Best (Tearing Employees New A**holes): CNBC

Breathe easy, everyone.
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Associates say that remodeling his firm into private one managing only Cohen's own money and that of employees and select relatives has had a calming effect. Inside his squat red-and-black office building in suburban Stamford, Connecticut, he still spends time on the trading desk, buying and selling stocks, chatting with underlings about the markets and occasionally balling out traders who lose money for reasons he finds indefensible. [CNBC, earlier]


Steve Cohen Acts Like He Hasn't Already Booked Marching Bands, Floats, Taylor Swift For January 1, 2018

...not to mention, the permits for a victory lap through downtown Stamford.

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Steve Cohen Is Boosting Pay For Top Traders (And Lowering It For Dumb Losers)

Ask yourself if you even deserve a seat on his trading floor.