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Hank Greenberg Would Like To Clarify How 10 Million Of His Dollars Ended Up With Noted Disappointment JEB! Bush

Hank totally gave him the money, but he's not psyched about it.

Remember when we talked about how Hank Greenberg donated $10 million to JEB!?

Well you should, because it was literally yesterday. Another thing that happened yesterday was Hank picking up the phone to talk to good old Charlie Gasparino over at Fox Business and dropping a little truth bomb about that monster donation that had the rumor mill spinning...

In an exclusive interview with FOX Business, Greenberg, the former CEO of insurance giant American International Group, sought to clarify reports that he personally made a contribution to Bush’s PAC, Right to Rise USA.
He told FOX Business that the contribution was not a personal one, but one made by the company he controls, CV Starr.

Ahh, so Hank didn't sit down and write a huge check to JEB! The company he controls wrote a huge check to a PAC created only to help JEB! become president.

Glad we got that cleared up.

Another thing that Greenberg clarified to Fox was that regardless of who signed the check, giving it to JEB! now feels akin to having just set it on fire.

“I didn’t make the contribution, the company did,” Greenberg said in an interview with FOX Business. “I like Jeb Bush. I’m sorry he is not living up to expectations, but that’s the reality of it.”

While Hank is clearly annoyed to feel that he has squandered a fortune on a presidential campaign that he could have easily used on platinum collars for Snowball Greenberg, he should maybe take it down a notch in public.

The only way to make his $10 million feel like even more of a waste is if JEB! gets further bullied and trounced in the primary. If Greenberg keeps whining to the press, some of JEB!'s antagonists might take advantage...

Uh oh. Look what you've done, Hank.

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