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Wait, Is It Considered Unprofessional To Facebook Message Your Assistant's Boyfriend And Ask "Hey Buddy- How Do I Taste" After Having Sex With Her?

Serious question, because Marc Abrams honestly doesn't know.
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Remember Marc Abrams? Ex-hedge fund manager who previously ran Titan Capital Group with his brother Russell and was sued, alongside his bro, for sexual harassment by assistants Cristina Culicea and Danielle Pecile back in 2010 (as well as an investor that same year, though that time for allegedly misrepresenting the firm's "risk strategies, investment procedures and objectives")? His dealings with said assistants have come up again, this time regarding some one-way communications he had with Pecile's boyfriend, and the care he took to describe having sex with her in his office (footnotes re: penis size included).

Pecile says the Abrams brothers used a “tag-team” effort to pressure her into a relationship with Marc. She finally gave in, but continued dating her boyfriend. When Pecile quit in 2009, Marc flew into a jealous rage and sent her boyfriend a taunting message on Facebook titled, “hey buddy – how do i taste?” according to court papers. “Your girlfriend was a real pleasure, especially on her birthday when she s—d me off in my office,” he taunted. Marc crassly closes with, “remember every time you kiss her, how many times those lips were wrapped around..welll (sic) something bigger than you (*according to her).”

Pecile and another former employee filed a sexual harassment suit in 2010, but the messages were added to the case just last year shortly before Russell Abrams filed a claim against his business insurance company to recover costs for defense fees.

Anyway, if you're up on what the etiquette here is, do let him know.

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