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Hillary Hasn't Seen Bernie's Wall Street Plan Yet, But She's Pretty Certain That It Doesn't Do Sh!t About Shadow Banking

When Bernie talks "banks," Hillary "giggles."

While everyone's vegan cousin waits with bated breath to hear the particulars of Bernie Sanders' comprehensive plan to dismantle reform America's financial sector when he unveils it tomorrow afternoon, Team Hillary is ruining the fun by shouting out spoilers.

“Unfortunately, Senator Sanders has so far taken a hands-off approach to some of the riskiest institutions and activities in our economy, which were among the biggest culprits during the 2008 crisis,” Gary Gensler, Clinton’s chief financial officer and the former chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, said in a statement, referring to the activities of hedge funds and high-frequency traders. In his speech tomorrow, Senator Sanders should go beyond his existing plans for reforming Wall Street and endorse Hillary Clinton’s tough, comprehensive proposals to rein in risky behavior within the shadow banking sector.”

And not only did Hillary pre-emptively sh!t all over Bernie's plan before it ever came out, she used Gensler - a former Goldman executive turned fierce shadow banking regulator - to do it.

While Bernie's speech tomorrow is nothing less than a must-watch for people who go in for this sort of thing, Hillary's chess move today shows that while millions are "feeling the Bern" every time Sanders tees off on "Big banks" and "Wall Street greed," even deep blue liberals are coming around to the fact that Bernie's plan is a little too inchoate to be truly effective in the realpolitik realm that joins DC and Wall Street.

And, yeah, this whole tonal back-and-forth about whether Wall Street is bad or evil between Hillary and Bernie is getting tired, but it's the only game in town since Republicans have done almost nothing to defend the financial sector. So, this will have to stand in as our most central Wall Street policy debate.

Or, we could just go back to listening to Trump word vomit all over "These hedge fund guys."

Clinton Comes Out Swinging At Sanders Wall Street Plan—Before He Unveils It [Bloomberg]


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