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Hillary Will Pretend To Bash Wall Street Because Iowa Has Caught A Nasty Case Of "The Bern"

What, Bernie doesn't have friends like Doug Band?

In a case of deja vu all over again, Hillary Clinton has watched her lead in an Iowa primary evaporate thanks to a surge from an opponent on her left. But this time, Hillary seems poised to fight to the death during the final weekend before Monday's Iowa caucus, even if it means appearing to go the full Pinko.

Right, Politico?

Campaigning at a bowling center in Adel, about 30 minutes outside Des Moines, Clinton shifted away from her attack on Sanders’ “Medicare-for-All” proposals as good in theory, but unfeasible in reality. Instead, she sought to portray herself as the tougher candidate when it comes to Wall Street reform -- an effort to undercut any sense that she is beholden to the billionaire class.
“Senator Sanders and I are absolutely clear on this,” Clinton said Wednesday, speaking to about 300 Iowans who packed the bowling alley. “We will not let Wall Street wreck Main Street again…. We agree that we can’t let that happen again. And we also agree we can’t let the big banks pose a risk to our economy.”

And Hillary wasn't done protecting her socialist flank:

She moved closer to Sanders’ core income inequality argument, asserting that she is the only candidate with a plan to target the “shadow banking sector.”
“It wasn’t just the big banks,” Clinton said of the 2008 financial crisis. “It was an investment bank, Lehman Brothers; it was a big insurance company, AIG; it was Countrywide Mortgage; it was another bank called Wachovia -- and others who are part of the non-traditional banking sector.”

That's right, Hillary's just as militantly anti-finance as that other guy, but she knows way more names. And unlike the extremist Bernie, she can actually get stuff done, something that her supporters point to as why they cannot support Sanders.

Some Clinton backers say Sanders is so unpalatable they would look for another option in the unlikely event that he emerged as the Democratic nominee – including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Wow. Who are these liberals that would choose Mike over Bernie?

“[Michael] Bloomberg was a transformational mayor,” Doug Band, Teneo president and longtime top adviser to Bill Clinton told POLITICO. “I have incredible respect for him as a leader, visionary and philanthropist.” Band said a scenario in which Sanders and Bloomberg, running as an independent, are up against a Republican like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump “isn’t going to happen. But hypothetically speaking, if it did, it’s not even close -- I would choose Bloomberg, as would so many others.”

Oh, it's everyman Hillary supporter Doug Band! The same Doug Band who founded corporate advisory firm Teneo and went on to take huge fees from beloved corporations like Standard Chartered, FIFA, and MF Global and share them with none other than Bill Clinton. Oh, and Teneo also once employed Hillary's closest aide, Huma Abedin.

So, in summation: No need to get itchy, voters of Iowa. Hillary Clinton is just like Bernie, just way closer to Wall Street and not really at all.

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