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Let's Check In On How "Juggling Jack" Dorsey Is Doing In 2016

Just how hard is Jack crushing it? Let's take a look!

We all know that Jack Dorsey came into 2016 with a lot of jobs, but how is he doing so far?

Well, we're not sure of the "numbers" but we are sure that when a tech visionary deigns to run two separate public companies at once, the only losers are people that don't get on board the genius train. To say that Jack Dorsey is going to dominate 2016 is to insult the notion of "domination."


But fine, all you "quant" nerds want to see "Data"... Ugh, stop whining.

Let's check the tape.

Jack IPO'ed Square (SQ) at the end of last year, and everyone loves a hot new stock. 2016 has got to be going great for the new kid on the mobile payments block...

Okay, whatevs, It's a learning curve. And Jack's distracted by being awesome in two places at once.

Jack's OG gig is Twitter (TWTR) anyway, which pretty runs itself... right?

Okay, this was a bad idea.



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