Jack Dorsey Calls An All-Hands Pep Rally So Remaining Twitter Employees Can Lie To Themselves

#OneTeam #DontReadTheNews

Things have been pretty rough over at Twitter (TWTR) lately, what with a lead balloon stock price and numerous, simultaneous departures by senior executives. So, like any good part-time CEO, Jack Dorsey called a Twitter tea party but a tea party #OnFleek.

Business Insider has some details:

The effect, at least to judge by some of the effusive tweets being fired off by Twitter employees, was something between a pep-rally and a kool-aid-fueled love-fest.
Using the hashtag #oneteam, Twitter employees praised the company's positive impact on social change and freedom of expression, as well as its internal culture.

Judging from photos, Jack showed up in the tech tuxedo of white t-shirt, jeans, baseball cap and sneakers. No word on whether or not the sneakers came in handy when or if he had to run out in order to plan a similar event at Square.

Twitter is having an internal pep-rally meeting to pump up employees [BI]