Whatever Bonus Losers, Jamie Dimon Is Getting PAID

The Khaleesi of Wall Street never loses.

Sure, it's been a less than stellar bonus season on Wall Street so far, leading to a lot of long faces ordering well drinks at an increasingly hopeless Hunt & Fish Club networking event.

But it isn't all bad news!

JPMorgan's board of directors has approved CEO Jamie Dimon pay for 2015, and it's a pretty big number.
Dimon will receive $27 million in total compensation for the year. Broken down, it's $1.5 million in salary, $5 million in cash bonus and $20.5 million in performance share units, or PSUs, according to an SEC filing.

Eat it, mid-level nerds, Jamie Dimon is getting a raise!

While we don't know what kind of numbers JPM rank and file are going to see on their bonus checks yet [tips@dealbreaker.com if you do know and want to share] we can say with certainty that Jamie is pulling down about $7 million more in 2015 than he did in 2014.

And just think how much more Jay-D will be raking in if he saves all that money on Bloomberg terminals in 2016!

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon made $27 million in 2015 [BI]