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Bailout Recipient Gives Former Lehman Advisor $10 Million To Help Him Be President

That sound you hear is Bernie Sanders having a rage tantrum.

Back in 2008, Hank Greenberg watched from forced retirement as his beloved AIG fought to stay afloat, and JEB! Bush was a Lehman Brothers advisor facing the naked abyss of oblivion.

Needless to say, things took an even dark turn for America in the months and years to come, but for Hank and JEB! things have turned out okay. For the former, life has settled into a nice little routine of yelling at everyone, suing the government over what happened post-bailout and enjoying the company of his adorable pooch. For the the latter, his days are spent moving across the country at a moderate pace asking people to make him president while simultaneously fending off the barbs of a bully who will not just leave him ALONE.

But now the legends of Greenberg and Bush have finally dovetailed into each other:

Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg, who built American International Group Inc. into a world-wide financial powerhouse before its controversial government bailout, has donated $10 million to the super PAC backing Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, making him one of the largest contributors in the 2016 race.

While it remains to be seen if JEB! also gets some of Hank's notorious "ballsiness" through campaign contribution osmosis, the sheer volume of the donation would most certainly give him ample capital to buy at least a few pair.

But even $10 million might not be enough to make JEB! seem relevant enough to be the Republican nominee.

Right to Rise USA has spent more than $47 million on advertising, according to a Wall Street Journal review of Federal Election Commission records. That is far more advertising money than any other 2016 entity has spent, yet Mr. Bush is polling in the single digits.

Sounds like JEB! could use from free media training from Snowball Greenberg.

Hank Greenberg Gives $10 Million to Super PAC Backing Jeb Bush [WSJ]


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