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JP Morgan Tells Employees To Go Ahead And Take The Weekend Off

And not just one each month. Take 'em all!
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(Unless there's pressing work to be done. Then get your a$$ to that desk.)

The firm launched a new effort on Thursday to encourage its investment bankers to take their weekends off—as long as there isn’t a live deal in the works. Carlos Hernandez, J.P. Morgan’s head of global banking, announced the policy Thursday morning on an internal call, saying the rules applied to everyone from analysts to managing directors, the firm said. The initiative, dubbed “Pencils Down,” is unusual in a high-powered corner of Wall Street where 100-hour weeks are worn by some as a badge of honor and dreaded by others as an antiquated aspect of the job that leads to early burnout.

J.P. Morgan to Workaholics: Knock It Off [WSJ]


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