Marissa Mayer Is Just Playing F@#k/Marry/Kill At This Point

She's making a list and checking it twi...Most of you are fired.

Good news, Yahoo (YHOO) employees! Marissa's got a "Kill List!"

Per re/code:

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has a list.
And on it are exactly three options, according to numerous sources close to the situation: Invest/Maintain/Kill.

There's a fun image for Yahoo loyalists; with what's left of the company burning around her, "Evita" Mayer is playing a MBA-level game of "Duck, Duck, You're Fired." And perhaps the worst part for those still trapped inside Silicon Valley's version of The Hindenburg, everyone already knows who's out.

Thus begin the cost controls that investors have long wanted from Mayer, but which she will do her own way. Hence the surgical nature of the first cuts, which sources said is impacting all levels of employees across Yahoo. These have happened regularly during Mayer’s multi-year tenure — basically a sneakier way to let go of people and not catch flack for it.
After that, sources said, the company will begin to shed more jobs, although it is not clear if the effort will be as wide-ranging as some outsiders have demanded. Those cuts will focus on that list of what Mayer thinks should be invested in (mobile search), maintained (core media sites like Yahoo finance) and killed (international assets and lower-performing media sites).

The blood will start to run after Yahoo admits releases its earnings next week. Maybe by cutting back on staff and their related costs, Mayer is hoping to get Barry Diller to get his Yahoo valuation back up to "nothing."

Yahoo Restructuring Begins Slowly With Stealth Layoffs and ‘Invest/Maintain/Kill’ List [re /code]