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Market Volatility Hasn't Caused Area Hookers To Revise Earnings Estimates Downward: CNBC

Everybody just needs to relax, according to two NYC-based escorts.
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Turney Duff is a former Galleon trader who once "faked a mugging by rolling [around] on the pavement and into a puddle until he was bleeding and bruised in an effort to create an alibi for skipping work." Now, he's a columnist for CNBC, where one of his beats is taking the pulse of the market by talking to hookers. Their thoughts of late? All this anxiety is totally overblown.

I decided to check in with some of my secondary sources – the people whose businesses thrive on Wall Street money – to see if they were picking up on any fear on Wall Street. My first stop was to check back in on the escort indicator. Back in May, the escorts I spoke to said that business was bouncing back since the financial crisis. But with the market being so tumultuous lately, are they seeing a slowdown? "Chelsea," a high-end escort in Manhattan who is originally from Canada, said business has only dropped off slightly into this year. "I still gotta hustle," Chelsea said. "But I haven't really seen a dropoff." [...] Her friend "Holly," who is also a professional escort, agreed...And after speaking with both of them it seems there isn't a lot of fear that their business will slow down anytime soon.

Is a market storm coming? Ask an escort [CNBC]

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