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[UPDATED] Martin Shkreli Is Ready To Admit That He Should've Perhaps Bailed Out Earlier On His Hilarious "Pharma Bro" Comedy Bit

Martin's not an inhuman criminal greed machine with an awful personality...He's just doing a "funny" bit.

It turns out that Martin Shkreli isn't a rapacious, confrontational jerk-off with an innate ability to alienate almost everyone that comes into his orbit.

Martin Shkreli is in fact a performance artist of singular comic talent who is able to deeply commit to an unlikable character and ride it from anonymity to federal indictment.

Just ask Martin Shkreli...

"I'm not a 'pharma bro', right? This is a name that got started when there was a picture I took that was meant to be ironic of me in these sun glasses and listening to a rap song, making sort of a funny hand signal," Shkreli says. "And the reason I took the picture was, I'm never like that. We take photos when we're doing unusual things."

Hahahahahaha...Oh, Martin we never knew how funny this photo was until JUST NOW.

Maybe it's because we didn't know you?

"The reason I let this kind of anger and hate fester because I was so sure that the people who knew me just looked at this and said “This is insane, this isn’t Martin Shkreli. He must be joking.” And I was! But the reality is that I didn’t realize there are millions of people who have never heard of me and the first impression that they got of me was this.”

Ahh, the whole hilarious routine failed to land because not everyone in the world knew Martin Shkreli personally and were therefore unable to see the inherent humor in this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

Nor were we able to fully appreciate the Andy Kaufman-esque brilliance of raising the cost of AIDS medication by 5,000%. Really, this whole thing is everyone else's fault. And hey, Martin has clearly learned his lesson...


Martin's mix tape might be a rhyming retainer because according to Reuters, MC Shkreli has fired Arnold & porter and is currently seeking some new legal counsel to help him out with that whole federal fraud charge thing...

Former drug executive Martin Shkreli plans to hire new legal counsel to represent him against U.S. charges that he defrauded investors at his former hedge fund and a pharmaceutical company he headed, Shkreli's current lawyers said.
Defense lawyers from the law firm Arnold & Porter said in court papers filed on Monday in Brooklyn federal court that Shkreli indicated he wished to replace them and was in the process of retaining new lawyers.
The reason for the lawyer switch was not known. The lawyers did not cite a reason and could not immediately be reached on Tuesday. Shkreli also could not immediately be reached.

Any interested firms must be okay with a client who cannot stop self-immolating on social media.

The line forms to the right.

Exclusive: Pharmaceutical exec. Martin Shkreli speaks out [Fox 5 NY]

Ex-drug CEO Shkreli plans to replace lawyers [Reuters]


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