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Mike Bloomberg Just Can't Stop Polling Himself

"Now do me versus Ronda Rousey!"

While normal schlubs are spending their days gobbling up Powerball tickets in cash-burning games of "What If?" everyone's favorite media billionaire/former mayor/charming scold is reportedly blowing some of his fortune on round after round of "What If: White House Edition."

Mike Bloomberg has indeed polled his chances as a third-party presidential candidate in a race against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — and the numbers, at least as of December, showed a possibility that he'd win. But that's not the only combination of major-party nominees that might finally propel the former mayor into a national campaign.

Sure, Trump and Hill are fun to play against, but what about the other Muppets in the menagerie?

Bloomberg tested his name against other combinations of major-party nominees, too — and the polling suggests he could also win in a matchup with Clinton and Ted Cruz. Or in a Bernie Sanders–Trump field. Or against Sanders and Cruz.

So how is Bloomie doing? Will his form of cranky, elitist, center-left leadership really play in this crazy political environment?

The theory this time appears to largely be the same — but the potential for a highly polarized field is greater. Bloomberg's odds are best if the GOP picks the demagogic Trump, but the deeply conservative Cruz could also repel Republican moderates and provide an electoral window. And Bloomberg could appeal to Democrats weary of the Clintons. 

Also, in an election cycle where anti-Wall Street rhetoric reigns, who wouldn't vote for the man who takes Wall Street to the cleaners literally every day?

What a year.

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