Oprah Officially More Powerful Than Oil

You get a rally!...YOU get a rally!...EVERY-BODY...GETS...A...RALLY!!!

It's no secret that the markets ave been in something of a slump for awhile thanks to numerous factors, not the least of which being a shaky performance by oil.

Well today, things went back in the green in a big way.

There's been a lot of talk about why the markets bounced back today (surprisingly strong quarterlies, anticipate Fed news, aforementioned oil) but we here at Dealbreaker don't need one of those analyst Magic 8 Balls to know what really happened.

We'll give you a hint; It was this...

That's right, it was Oprah.

Here was Weight Watchers (WTW) stock performance for 2016 so far:

And here was WTW's performance today:

The overall market picture looks stunningly similar, so we're just going to enter our name into the annals of financial history and introduce you to "The Oprah Rally of 2016."

Eat your heart out, Bernanke.