Titans Of Industry Wondering If Pope Could Just Let Them Not Change And Not Go To Hell

It's not like Vatican Bank is run by actual angels, y'know.

Saves this look for only one kind of person.

In the face of most criticism, Wall Street is pretty good at aping its spirit animal, President Donald Trump. But when it comes from one particular corner, it gets a little tongue-tied.

That corner is Vatican City, from whence the criticism has been flowing pretty freely in recent years, evenbeforeMr. Too-Good-to-Live-in-a-Palace took over. This is hurtful and confusing to international finance which remains convinced that, if it could just sit down and talk with the Vicar of Christ on Earth and/or some of his underlings, it could make him understand that Jesus wasn’t some proto-communist hippie but a first-century captain of industry.

Just hear finance out here.

Global business leaders sought common ground with the Vatican on a range of ethical issues at a conference that ended here Monday, the latest effort to improve relations strained by Pope Francis’ criticisms of global finance and capitalism….

Business has made several attempts to build relationships with Pope Francis’ Vatican, with limited success. In the run-up to the pope’s environmental encyclical last year, which called for reduced use of fossil fuels in order to limit global warming, Exxon sent a top lobbyist to brief the Vatican on its views on the energy industry.

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