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Kinder, Friendlier Point72 Asset Management Asks Employees "How Do You Feel About This Chaise?"

The hedge fund formerly known as SAC Capital is nice now, so employees get to...weigh in on decor decisions.
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[Cohen] had also hired Ideo, a design consulting firm, to rethink the physical space in his Stamford headquarters, which now features a nap room with space-age sleeping capsules, expectant-mother parking near the entrance to the building, and a hallway lending library with titles like the Tudor throne drama "Wolf Hall" and the comedian Amy Poehler's "Yes Please!" (Famous contemporary works of art, by the likes of Jeff Koons, Chuck Close, and others have long decorated the ceilings and walls.) On a cardboard standup in one hallway, employees could post stickers on pieces of new furniture they liked and want to keep. [CNBC]


Point72 Asset Management Pretty Sure Point72 Should Win An Award For Compliance Awesomeness

The hedge fund formerly known as SAC Capital complies like nobody's business.