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Sleep Where Ken Griffin...Actually Probably Hasn't Slept

No one needs twelve condos just in Florida. Five or six are plenty.
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As those of you who keep up on the life and times of Kenneth C. Griffin, the Chicago hedge fund manager has gone a bit of a real estate shopping binge lately-- which may or may not have had to do with his recent divorce proceedings--, snapping up properties across American to the tune of over $300 million. Multiple residences in the Windy City. A $200 million crash pad in NYC. Five properties in Palm Beach. And, naturally, a bunch of condos in Miami. But Ken is only one man, and at some point it gets downright laborious trying to figure out which place you want to sleep in on any given night. And that's where you come in:

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Kenneth Griffin is putting his two newly purchased properties at Faena House in Miami Beach back on the market for a total of $73 million, according to Eloy Carmenate of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, who is listing the property with colleague Mick Duchon...Mr. Griffin bought the properties in the fall of 2015 for a total of $60 million.

Someone do him a solid and take these babies off his hands. Consider it a humanitarian effort.

Kenneth Griffin Puts Two Faena House Condos on the Market for $73 Million [WSJ]

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