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Cayman Hedge Fund Manager/Florida Congressman Endorses Bernie Sanders

Alan Grayson is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

Never let it be said that Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla) is a man of predictable decision-making.

Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida told BuzzFeed News in an interview on Monday that he will endorse Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Yeah, sure, Alan and Bernie are both lefty Democrats who like a populist drum circle.

Grayson, who is also a superdelegate, decided his endorsement after asking his supporters to take part in an online poll to determine who he should support. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Sanders, who received 84% of the 376,000 votes cast.
“We deliberately structured this so people could not only vote and but also gave their reasons,” Grayson said. “The overarching theme of the comments was that the country is in desperate need of a revolution to combat inequality, and only Bernie Sanders is attempting a revolution that is likely to succeed. He is the only candidate giving voice to the deep anxiety people feel about the economy and widening income inequality.”

And by endorsing Bernie, Grayson is demonstrating that he is not afraid to jump aboard a sinking ship as long as he's doing the right thing.

He touted his endorsement of Sanders as a reflection of the will of the people, and expressed concern at the hundreds of superdelegates who have already pledged their support to Clinton when only four states have voted in the primary process.
“It’s surprising and disturbing that so many people have made that decision based on their own personal agendas and what’s good for them rather than what the people want,” Grayson said.

And yeah, most political types saw this coming months ago when Grayson removed himself form Hillary's Florida leadership council. But wasn't there something we knew about Alan that would make it awkward for he and Bernie to hang out?

Grayson is in his own heated primary; in Florida he is running against Rep. Patrick Murphy in the Democratic primary for Senate. Murphy is the establishment favorite and has received endorsements from party leadership, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who also endorsed Clinton and called for Grayson to drop out of the race because of an ongoing ethics investigation into him having his name on three hedge funds. Grayson in turn has said Reid is turning “the party into a circular firing squad.”

Oh yeah! Alan is political poison in his own party after getting caught running a Caymans Island-registered hedge fund that sold investors on the global experience Grayson gained by flying around the world on Congress' dime.

But Florida is a big state with a lot of delegates. Maybe Bernie can accept Grayson's endorsement by...looking past the entire moral message of his campaign.

Alan Grayson - who needs Democratic friends more than ever - is throwing his support in with a candidate who might be out by as early as tomorrow, and who likely doesn't even want Grayson to say his name in public.

We've said it before but we'll say it again: Decision 2016 is the best. election. ever.

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