Answer: Toasty Notes Of Loss With A Strong Whiff Of Failure On The Nose

Any guesses on the question?

A real thing.

Question: What dooes Lehman Brothers: The Whisky taste like?

“It has a contrite, bereft peatiness,” says James Green, a 34-year-old London entrepreneur who has created a new liquor line with the doomed bank’s logo...He worked with distillers in Scotland and South Carolina to create three blends. Snapfire, an American-made spicy whiskey that “almost offends the palate,” he says, is meant to evoke the financial-system collapsing. Ashes of Disaster is a Scotch with peatiness “tempered with humility to demonstrate the lack of activity that followed the devastation,” he says. Evergreen, a Scotch with “notes of growth and promise,” represents rebirth. “We want people to taste the story,” Mr. Green says.

Not surprisingly, the folks over at Barclays aren’t thrilled about this fun new way to lose money on Lehman Brothers. Surprisingly, here’s why (or so they say):

Barclays PLC, which bought parts of the firm in bankruptcy, tried in 2014 to block Mr. Green’s using the name. It said in U.S. trademark filings it “has a bona fide intention to use” the name for financial services. Barclays declined to comment.

We’ll raise a dram to that reckless maneuver and long gamble with explosive consequences!

Lehman Brothers Still With Us in Spiritis, via Scotch Whisky [WSJ]



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