Apple Joins The Pope On President Trump's Exhausting "This Week In Talking Sh!t" List

It was a big week for America's most famous case of histrionic personality disorder.

When venal New York City-based contractor turned presumptive President Elect Donald Jeromino Trump released a statement yesterday questioning the Pope's Christianity and foretelling of a future in which ISIS attacks The Vatican, we all just giggled and thought "Donald gotta be Donald."

But you know the saying: If you give a narcissistic personality disorder mouse a cookie...

Trump has walked back his feud with the head of the Catholic Church since it's not terribly good politics to anger almost 80 million American Catholics, and it also freed him up to pick a fight with the largest market cap in the world.

Here's what Trump riffed during a South Carolina campaign stop today while riffing on Apple's refusal to comply with a government request to unlock an iPhone that belonged to one of the killers in the San Bernadino shooting:

"Boycott Apple until such time as they give that information," Trump said at a campaign event in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. "It just occurred to me."

And it clearly did just occur to him, since he was almost simultaneously tweeting this:

Did Donald Trump undercut his own carnival barker routine through his own actions? Is the Pope Catholic?

Trump calls for Apple boycott over San Bernardino killer phone encryption [CNBC]