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Barclays Analyst Is Strong Early Contender For Worst Roommate Of The Year Award

Declan Garrity seems like a real human nightmare.

If you thought things were rough for Barclays employees lately, apparently living with one is even worse.

An Upper East Side financial analyst was arrested Wednesday on allegations he tortured his roommate’s cat for three months, cops said.
Declan Garrity, 24, was charged with felony animal cruelty for the abuse he doled out to a cat named Lucy, which is now on life support, according to police and prosecutors. The feline suffered fractured hind legs and bruises on her back, cops said.

Garrity, who - according to his LinkedIn - is a "Know Your Client" analyst at Barclays' NYC office, was arraigned this morning and is in quite a fine mess considering that he is an Irish citizen on a work visa sponsored by Barclays. According to the Daily News, his employment at the bank is now up for debate with his lawyers saying he still works there and prosecutors saying "not so much."

But if the deeply f@cked up charges against Garrity prove true, it stands to reason that Barclays will show him the exit sooner than later, which is poor timing considering that Garrity's canceled salary could have gone into the Barclays layoff bonus pool had he been caught earlier.

And getting a new gig will prove difficult. For instance, this sociopathic torture of an innocent animal is exactly kind of thing that gets you screened out by the Pollyanna HR team over at Point72 Asset Management.

EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan financial analyst busted for torturing roommate’s cat for 3 months [NY Daily News]


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