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Bill Ackman Giveth And Bill Ackman Taketh Away

Bill is really putting the "Ack" in Ackman these days.
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Attention Pershing Square people: See if you can get those corks back into those year-old Champagne bottles, because when Bill taketh away, he taketh it all away.

Billionaire investor William Ackman has managed to erase his entire 40% return of 2014….

Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which was Ackman‘s main loser in 2015, was also to blame for this year’s drop. Valeant’s stock declined 16% from Feb. 17 through Tuesday amid questions over its earnings, providing the final bit of fuel for Ackman‘s fund to burn through its gains.

Remember Bill Ackman’s 40% Hedge Fund Gain in 2014? It’s All Gone. [Reuters via Fortune]



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