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"Billions" Takes The Week Off, Charlie Gasparino Forced To Watch The Oscars

You've really gone and done it this time, Bobby Axelrod.

He. Did. Not. Appreciate. It.

We knew that the Oscars telecast felt ineffably lacking in some regard...


Charlie Gasparino Likes Billions Again

Presumably this means he is again interested in a cameo on the show.

Charlie Gasparino Continues To Pen Billions Fan Fiction

Andrew Ross Sorkin in a threesome edition.

Charlie Gasparino Will Watch Billions This Weekend, But Only For Research Purposes

Not because he likes the show, which to be clear he still does not, though he will accept a walk-on part.

Charlie Gasparino Now Fact Checking Billions

The Fox Business reporter knows a realistic S&M club when he sees one.

Charlie Gasparino Wouldn't Be Mad If Billions Was Reimagined As A Strictly S&M Show

Last night's episode was a step in the right direction for CG.