Bonus Watch '16: JP Morgan S&T Analysts Are Not Happy

"Confusion and upset."

From the front lines:

JP Morgan S&T bonuses were announced last month. First year analysts working from June-December or September-December (depending on training cycle) all received a 10k bonus stub. Second year analysts received anywhere from 0-60k (with some outliers who got more), but the average seemed to be in the 15-20k range.

Performance rankings are based on letters (you can get a + or - attached to the letter too):

N - not meeting expectations
M - meeting expectations
E - exceeding expectations

Pay was very variable across groups and asset classes. There were some analysts who received the same performance rating as others in their group but received a different bonus. It was all over the place and very discretionary. This caused a lot of confusion and made analysts upset. It seems like 90% of the analysts who started in 2014 were unhappy.

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