British Hedge Funds Finally Getting Revenge On EU

British hedgies would like to explain how a bar fight works.

Or not.

Like all Britons, the U.K.’s hedge fund managers are taking sides on whether they’d like to remain in the EU.

Manny Roman, David Harding and John Armitage think Britain probably should.

Michael Hintze, Crispin Odey and Martin Hughes are red-hot for a Brexit, in spite of the risk that such a move would turn the U.K. into an insignificant backwater and inevitably lead to the country’s dissolution.

Why the “damn the consequences” approach? Well, Marshall Wace co-founder Paul Marshall explains, it’s because the EU is really mean to them and hurt their feelings.

Rather than a rational, fact-based response, the commission launched an onslaught on hedge funds, leaving the banks and their lobbyists largely alone….

Why did Brussels indulge in such a great act of displacement activity? One hedge consultant received the explanation from a Belgian MEP. “It is simple,” he said. “If you are in a bar and a fight breaks out, you do not hit the person who started the fight but the person you have always wanted to hit.”


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