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4 Ways Traders Can Build Their Own Watchdog

It's Friday, make your life easier.

In a volatile stock market like the one that traders have seen so far in 2016, missing out on news or price action, even for a few minutes, can lead to missed opportunities or costly trading mistakes.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that traders can use to make sure then know exactly what’s going on with their stocks 24 hours a day.

Call Levels

Call Levels provides free and simple financial monitoring and notification services optimized for the mobile cloud. Clients can receive instant notifications on their mobile devices as soon as any of a number of assets reaches a pre-selected price.


IG allows users to build alerts based on popular technical indicators, such as moving averages, MACD, RSI, standard deviation, stochastic, Bollinger Band, price and volume. Traders can even combine up to four different technical indicator conditions and receive instant email and/or mobile notifications when the conditions are met.


Contix provides a highly-customizable and user-friendly web app that notifies users of breaking, real-time traditional media news and social media news. The cloud-native big data platform uses natural language processing, statistical analysis and unique algorithms to identify relevant news instantly from more than 500 million daily social media posts.


Zignals provides SMS, email and in-app notifications based on customized alerts triggered by price breakouts, trading volume and other technical indicators. Zignals also allows users to backtest an alert to see how well a trading strategy would have worked on a stock in the past.

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